When it comes to having a comfortable surface to walk on, carpet tiles and traditional carpeting are two obvious choices. However, with changing times carpet tiles have became the overwhelming choice. Not just in houses, but commercial carpet tiles are also very popular at commercial locations.

In past few years, more and more people have opted for carpet tiles over traditional carpet. This is because of the many benefits that carpet tiles offer over traditional carpeting. Below are a few of them:


A carpet roll of 12 feet wide and 100 feet long weighs around 600 pounds. This means, it will require at least 4 people and a large sized truck to transport. On the other hand, an average sized carpet tile is a 24” square and bundled in a 6-12 pieces packaging. Needless to say, a person may easily carry a bundle or two of these tiles and they can be transported in a small car.


Big rolls of carpet need large areas to store them. Now imaging a 100-feet long room ideally reserved to store your carpet. The carpet tiles are space-savvy and hardly demand any sophisticated space to store. You may place them at any vacant area in your home or workplace.


A 12-feet wide carpet is ideal if the area is also 12-feet wide. But if there is even a small difference, the chances of a big waste are always there. Carpet tiles will save you from this wastage or minimize it considerably. Since they are available in small squares, you are free to buy the quantity you need.

Design Aesthetics:

Color and size are the only design elements you have when choosing rolled carpet. Therefore, there is very little flexibility in design. On the other hand, carpet tiles come with different colors, patterns, sizes and orientation. If you want more creativity, you may change the way of installation or add a bit of variation between spaces to get a more appealing touch.


Carpet tiles can easily be installed by by one person. It’s as simple as spreading the glue and placing all the squares in a sync.

Installing a carpet is a tough job and can not be done alone. Adjusting the corners, maintaining the sizes and managing the orientation are a few tasks that demand high skills. Also there are added tasks like cutting, padding, gluing, binding and stretching. Do not forget the extra equipments that you need for a perfect installation.


If your traditional carpet is damaged or worn, you have no other option other than a complete replacement. Traditional carpets are good as long as not damaged or worn down.

Carpet tiles, on the other hand, do not face this issue. If a piece is damaged or broken, all you need to do is picking it out from its place and put a fresh piece right back down. The new piece will quickly adjust with the existing pieces making it hard to spot the difference. Need not to mention that it saves you from huge expenses of buying a new carpet.

So, carpet tiles have a wide range of benefits over the traditional carpets. So if you want to save some money and time without ruining the appearance of your home or work place, carpet tiles are the way to go!